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Technical Services

Enhance your systems

As good as a new one..

Gadgets tend to slow down in performance over a period of time and require tuning to enhance the efficiency. Our technical associates get into the thick of functioning of the machine and improvise the performance to optimum levels. The experts do a thorough analysis of your system and identify the nodes to be improved upon and nearly reclaim the original elan of the machines.

Bring back the original performance

Our technical associates do a complete haul of the system involving the hard disk defragmentation, solving registry issues and eliminating the junk files. The enhancement considerably brings down the booting and shut down time required. Recent version of software are downloaded and updated to boost the entire working of the system. Users can definitely experience the rapidity in the performance of applications in comparison with the extended time span earlier.

A shot in the arm…technically

Elimination of issues

Rectification at the root of the issue

Encountering issues in system is quite common and a few of them could be quite complex to handled on own. Under these circumstances, it is suggested to call the experts concerned, who have the best solution at hand. Technical associates understand the problems better and provide instant resolutions. Our experts offer resolutions on a comprehensive scale covering both hardware and software issues.  They get into the heart of the issue and annihilate it at once.


Installing the Initial Intelligence

Soliciting the assistance of experts for installation of systems is a prudent move. Technical associates bring in the necessary diligence and cognizance for setting up the gadgets the accurate way.  Our mavens with years of experience install the right software and configure the system by adding appropriate applications required for the system. Our choice of solutions encapsulates the complete range of software, network, hardware which in short comprises all the allied peripherals.

Bug Elimination

Bust the bug before it gets the better of your system

Viruses are the principal threat to the functioning of the system and their frequency of occurrence is high. Technical associates provide a broad view of the problems in the system and offer the best resolutions to remove the bugs. Programs exhibiting malicious nature like spyware and malware are entirely wiped off and the system reclaims the original working condition.

Keep the bugs at bay

24/7 Instant Tech support

Technology may let you down, our technical associates never will. You can contact us round the clock, and we provide remote and on-site support in the best way possible. The customer satisfaction is quite high and they are contended enough to bank on us in troubleshooting any technical issues.

We Guard your Gadgets

Interpreting technology and implementing it suit ones needs calls for a fundamentally strong grasp of the intricacies involved. Our professionals have in-depth understanding of the working mechanism of different devices and can resolve the issues in a fragment of the time post the occurrence of it. Technical associates are also endowed with the technical clairvoyance and can identify potential issues which may turn out to be highly threatening and might arise in future. They virtually seal the issue even before it could appear on the horizon.

Professionals practicing pioneering technology

Technical associates relentlessly have a tab on the pulse of technology and put that to maximum use in offering solutions to the customers. Assistance to customers is a basic etiquette ingrained in them and they spare no endeavor to help them to tide over the issue.

The Alacrity to Assist ..as always

Why Technical Associates?

Technology evolves with every passing day at a tremendous pace and keeping pace with it demands consistent knowledge addition of the novel developments setting in. It is rather tedious and startling to glance over the zillion technical updates and utilize in a productive way. Technical associates tirelessly glean through the latest in the world of technology and transfer the advantages to the clients.

Connect with Confidence

We have earned a reputation of offering the best possible solutions to the customers for their technical queries and also have gained their confidence through the punctuality in response. Our representatives always believe in offering complete resolution apart from resolving the issue at hand enhancing the overall experience. Attention to detail, comprehensive issue analysis, communicating the solutions accurately and swiftness in response are some of the hallmarks of technical associates.

Swift solutions under all conditions


Device drivers are the critical component to ensure the smooth functioning of the devices and a technical snag can halt the efficient operation of the device. Our experts do an accurate diagnosis of the issue to the core and offer long-lasting solutions at once.

Efficacy software

Providence of productivity

Maximize the efficiency of your organisations by the implementation of efficiency software. The effort put in by the employees in their work with reference to the duration and on the whole the efficiency of the resources can be measured easily. This enables the organization to have the lever on the functioning of its employees and administer them effectively.


Hard time with hardware… no more

Scientific developments around the world introduce new devices to the customers and have their own framework of components constructed within them. The complexity and the sophistication within the gadgets may vary radically from one to the other. Technical associates have the expertise in troubleshooting the complete sphere of electronic gadgets and any hardware issue is hardly an issue for them.

Due device diligence - Devised


Surfing - Feel at home turf

Revel in the complete independency of  browsers of your choice and surf the net with your chosen browser. Multiple options of browsers are provided for users and they can seamlessly switchover from one to another or simultaneously use many without any glitches.


Online experience.. Unfettered expediency

The foremost utility of a predominant number of system users is networking online and browsing content on the internet. As the networking environment is an amalgamation of various components the probability of one among them flunking is high. Technical associates have the flair and fiber to penetrate into the web network, comprehend the issues and offer the most remarkable resolution.



Player Plague - Its Child’s Play..

The multimedia applications tend to get mired in some issue or the other frequently and can hamper the entertainment experience of the users. We offer smart solutions for the device driver problems and our professionals can resolve the issue pertaining to players of different manufacturers. Our collective expertise includes handling issues of VLC media player, Real Player, Windows media player etc. Complications arising out of plugin problems are deftly solved through focused analysis and appropriate resolutions .

Player Plugins – Plug the issue


Safety is our first and best policy

The online world is replete with malevolent programs , extreme care has to be taken while navigating the world wide web to stay clear of getting stuck in issues. Problems keep lurking throughout the network and it is necessary to implement protect measures to stay secure. Technical associates has an effective arsenal of tools and techniques including antispyware, antivirus, to combat the online threats. Our technology also enables to kids to have a safe online browsing voyage with the inbuilt protective measures in place.

Computers & Peripherals

The Complete Competence..

The rapid advances in technology have transformed the electronic gadgets into various forms from the computer to ultra-modern tablets. Technical associates’ portfolio of services envelopes the whole gamut of electronic gadgets and we have the competence to deal with them in a precise manner.


Mending the moles in technology

Mobiles have taken the place of constant companion for casual users and gadget aficionados alike. They have become the nerve center of data of our professional and personal information. Our solutions for the mobile platform also includes tablets and other allied devices. We provide customized solution depending on the usage pattern of the customer and secure it from any impending problems.

Smart mobiles – Outsmarting resolutions


The organization’s data coffers..

Servers are the spine of an institution and an indispensable block in the entire technology infrastructure. Servers possess the critical data and holds paramount significance in an organization. Technical associates offer the services of server monitoring and maintenance round the clock. Our professionals always hold the vigil against any ominous signs and leave nothing to chance.

Server Surveillance – Serving the essence

Despite, constant scrutiny in the event of any issue arising they are fixed with the pace it had cropped up. Customers are also offered the service of remote monitoring of servers and network management. Network management ensures absolute transparency of functioning and the proficiency to govern the operations.

Defend your technical treasury


Bank on us…we back all the brands

Technical associates offer the expertise to a broad range of brands and the customers can bank on us to sort out issue of products belonging from the nouveau to the nearly obsolete. We provide impartial support to all the brands and all the electronic gadgets manufactured by them.

Our expertise bandwidth is big enough to serve all brands