Evoplus IT Services Private Limited | SEM
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Wise men do not shoot arrows out of play area, BULL’S EYE is all wise men do. Search Engine Marketing darts the bull’s eye, with paid services to churn desired results, through various strategic and focused campaigns based on a rainbow of verticals like demographics, budget and others.

Darts for Bull’s Eye Alone

Comprehensive campaigns yield better ROI, potential clientele, stamping brand awareness, drastic increase in traffic thereby paving way to better conversion ratio.

PPC (Pay Per Click)

PPC, is a highly fruitful model of online marketing for any startup or an established firm to grow online sales, to have returning customers, to target both globally and locally, to reach the right people at the right time precisely. PPC is also the most preferred campaigns of all, as results are measurable and profitable.

Our niche SEM services includes

  • Keyword Research – We, Evo Plus, do extensive research for valuable and right keywords intuitively, focusing in high return activities.
  • Bid management – Everybody is concerned about the budget. Our bid management team play a granular role in setting the budget parameters, that would be optimum for profitable to the business.
  • Multi-variant testing – A niche and meticulous service for testing what campaigns suits best for business
  • Localization – Going global is wise and going local is better. Localization of websites and landing pages, pivots the target audience to precise, thereby generating relevant leads.
  • Optimization / Campaign mapping / Ad creation

Our additional services include

Click Fraud Monitoring

Monitoring fraud users who click on your valuable leads and eat your campaign budget, which are supposed to generate leads.

Contextual Advertising

Distributing ads to relevant websites, portals and social media sites which increase the visibility of ads.

Conversion Path Analysis

Measuring the performance of individual pages for optimum results.

Landing Page Consultation

Optimizing the landing page creates instant connection with the customers turning them into potential leads.

Paid Search Advertising Audit

Periodically and methodically analyzing the efficiency of the running paid campaigns and delivering the best at minimum budget.