Evoplus IT Services Private Limited | Merchant Banking
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Merchant Banking

Our technology- fits the bill of your requirements.

We get you the whole hog of convenient banking transactions and the other relevant nuances of  order tracking and financial reporting. Meticulously planned, full proofed and leaving no room for unscrupulous errors are the high points of our services. We have a coveted association with a chain of banks and a service to be filled with pride. Glitches are a thing of past and the functionality of our gateways has been subjected to the rigors of transaction and can manage a hefty traffic. Maneuvering through the gateways of Evoplus is a breeze and also secure and it’s the solution for the present issues ailing the efficient conduct of banking operations online.

Our credibility – the indistinguishable credit in your accounts

The payment options offered by Evoplus are a maximum in efficiency along with the combination of multiple currency processing and simple check out options. The success rates are an industry bench mark coupled with innovative tools widely acknowledged by leaders.

Our compliance – high on satisfaction and regulations


Optimum Payment Options

Completely Optimistic Transactions

A mind-blowing array of options are offered for transactions at PayValue to make a choice from

5 Credit Cards

73 + Debit Cards (All MasterCard / Visa / Maestro / RuPay)

Amex eZeClick

48+ Net Banking

8 Prepaid Cards / Wallets

7 Bank EMI

Multi- Currency Operation

Deal in more denominations

World-wide currencies on a single platform are offered to the customers to make a choice of their preference.

  • Indian Rupee
  • American Dollar
  • Singapore Dollar
  • Pound Sterling
  • Australian Dollar
  • Euro

Polylingual transaction – A Payment Polyglot

PayValue’s multiple language transaction pages provide service in popular International languages with a greater numerical presence across the world. The customers have the option of transacting payment in the language they are comfortable with and consequently helps in making a successful transaction.

International Languages

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese
  • Chinese
  • French
  • Deutsch
  • Italian
  • Arabic

Effortless Customization

Exquisite and Exclusive

Aesthetics of the website create a visual aura and a compelling sight to behold from the customer’s perspective. It generates an instinct in an individual to buy a product . PayValue helps in with the customization for the client’s site to masquerade among the premium portals.

Decide your Design – They are Decisive

Have a complete hold on the colour scheme and embed the logo in accordance to your requirements. Alter the theme and place the components at the effective position with PayValue’s snazzy editor. It enables the customer to have an comprehension on the ultimate outcome with a preview feature reflecting the modifications as they are made.

Raise the insignia from the clutter of sites

Efficient Savvy Routing

Our Gateway – Gain your way – As always

Based on the efficiency of the bank the transaction can be routed through the best performing gateway. Preference for PayValue’s services offers unfettered gateways of various banks that are allotted for your account.

Timely… Time and Again

PayValue’s efficient mechanism gets hold of better of the best gateways in terms of effective realization and accomplishment of transaction. It leads to providing access for efficient conduct of transaction.

Your Privy… Your Privilege

When the application experiences gridlocks online or scheduled breaks for maintenance or higher load on bank servers etc., PayValue’s diligent technology opens up gateways of other bank to fulfill the transaction. On a cumulative scale, the rate of conversion of the transactions is kept at the optimal level.

Attempt Again Tab

Prompt in the first Attempt

Our features enable the customers’ transactions to be successfully completed at almost all the times and only in rarest of rare case there is a drip due to incorrect input of details by the customers.  The occurrence may be attributed to minor errors like wrong card number and in those scenarios, our application offers the smart option of rectifying the precise page instead of being harried through the entire process.

Get it Right, at first Sight

The attribute of time conscious is the mainstay of PayValue  and we possess the penchant to get things in the first attempt. Circumvent the nagging navigation issues normally associated with other payment gateways and resolve the errors with our smart facility.

Our Daredevilry is in the Detail

Numerically, the failed transactions just fail to arise in our application and the successful payment transactions proceed to reach a staggering figure on the whole.

PayValue  Checkout

Preferential experience for Patrons

When customers patronize PayValue facility often they acquire the position of a privileged patron. The patrons are provided with this unique facility for an enhanced and absolutely fritter free experience. A PCI compliant setting is offered to patrons to preserve their banking details, a time-conserving option to conduct operations with minimal strokes and in a swift manner.

Power your Payment Passage

The data is preserved in an encrypted format, safe and secure and the patrons can proceed with a full-fledged transaction by typing CVV and 3-D secure password.

PayValue StoreFront

Without a site.. We have the insights

PayValue provides a completely complimentary store front to the merchants patronizing their application and in need of a website. The storefront of PayValue doesn’t require the technological prowess to develop an enchanting online store.

Fabulous Features. Fully Loaded.

Opt for the template, according to your requisites and upload unrestrained number of products and commence the operations for receiving orders online.

Create yourself – Its Child’s Play

The responsive web design methodology of  PayValue’s store front is configured for all the gadgets. The customers can surf and purchase from the online store on the fly by using electronic instruments of communication like mobile phone.

Pull it off from your Palm

PayValue Shopping Cart

Owning a website..? Avail PayValue’s complimentary Shopping Cart. Incorporate the PayValue Shopping Cart with your website and begin commercial functioning within few hours and that too with nominal knowledge on web development.

An Avant-garde Add-on offer

Embed the “add to cart” feature for the complete range of products preceded by the description of every product and can be connected to the gateway of PayValue. Configure the page pertaining to shopping cart and synchronize it in terms of website appearance and it’s all set to start trading.

Plugins for Shopping Cart

PayValue has attained the spot of favourite payment gateway for a multiple shopping carts. The bandwagon is growing exponentially by the day with many implementing our application.

Plug into the Prophecy of Shopping

We at PayValue, have succeeded in building integration API’s for the following third party shopping carts:

Magento                                  WordPress

Magento Go                            NopCommerce

Buildabazaar                          OsCommerce

Cubecart                                 Opencart

Drupal                                     PrestaShop

Interspire                                VirtueMart

Joomla                                     WHMCS

Martjack                                  ZenCart


PayValue’s iFrame Integration

Feel the Fascination in Frames

PayValue’s iFrame integration is secure and superior without being bound by the certification of PCI DSS and the payments can be accepted and credentials of the card can be gathered at the checkout page.

Security on the Same page with Simplicity

Minimise the navigation undertaken to make payment and enable the customers to payment transaction in a protected environ without exiting the webpage for a smooth sailing voyage through the portal.

PayValue’s Responsive Checkout Page

Our Responsiveness lies in the Rapidity

The payment transaction pages of PayValue are drafted using  Responsive Web Design Approach and configured for various electronic gadgets.

Ergonomics at Ease

PayValue’s features makes for a complete fantasy with the navigation and reading, being a completely entertaining affair without the necessity of scrolling, panning or resizing.

PayValue’s Marketing Tools

A perfect accompaniment to marketing exploits

Set the market ablaze for lucrative commercial operations with a proclivity on marketing by utilizing our arsenal of effective marketing tools possessing an astute edge.

Innovation meets Independence

Our marketing tools assist you in creating developing, maintaining and exhibiting your goodies with the freebies to the customers and firmly augment the base in a minimum span of time.


Creating Champions out of Campaigns

Formulate a blueprint and form an association with banks to showcase promotions and yield tangible results.


Set the bait with rebates

Rebates revitalize the products in the initial phase and propagate the values of it, consequently building a consumer base.

PayValue BrandBrow

Nothing misses our brow

Browbeat the odds with BrandBrow… you hardly miss the boat …

PayValue’s BrandBrow offers a sweeping and vivid picture of the performance of the organisation’s business online. Additionally, the brand of the business is portrayed better on social network platforms and interaction is done actively with the admirers online.

BrandBrow seldom misses a beat in market

Build on the brand, extend the reach, harness the values, and that leads the brand to the path of bounty. The online presence of the organization spreads the tentacles to diverse technologies and buttresses the brand value.

Comments maketh Company’s Coffers

PayValue CustomerCafe

The Peek from the peak

Our CustomerCafe serves the customers with a complete analysis of their requirements and stands up to their expectations. The service is offered across multiple vistas, unrivalled across the industry with optimum focus on immediate resolution. The dedicated technical support team functions round the clock and sorts our issues with a clockwork precision.

PayValue SOP

SOP – Social-network  Optimized Payments

Tap the Social Sap

PayValue’s Sop extends the utility of commercial functions over the social networks and creates a warm rapport with the user for interacting online.

The normal payment transactions online are rendered as complex functions with the introduction of PayValue’s Sop.

Bill Payments

Payments made proactive

Market-analysis conveys that bill payments are promptly made when the option of online facility exists. The uber-cool features of PayValue makes the payment processing in a relatively easy and in a tamper-proof way.

Adroit Analytics

Scrutinize the complete scope

PayValue’s eclectic set of features enables the customer to have unrestricted access of analysis of the performance of their entity in the cut-throat race in the digital space. Our incisive reports provide the gear to do an introspection of the business functioning and increase the monetary derivative. Receive the complete scoop of information pertaining to the industry and have a pristine picture of the trends unfolding.

Its’ Incisive… Its’ Innovative…

PayValue’s CallValue

Payments a call away

PayValue’s CallValue offers the option of transacting over the phone for customers choosing the feature. The highly protected IVR (Interactive Voice Response System) facilitates the online collection of payments by utilizing an automatic mechanism obliterating the need for gadgets and software.

Smart Scheduler

The Harbinger of Programs

The splendid feature of PayValue enables the functionalities to be performed in a seamless way. The operations are thoroughly integrated into the features of the application. PayValue’s Smart Scheduler is an efficiently embedded internally module and manages the complete scheduling of the forthcoming programs.

Active Surveillance Genie

Analysis – as it happens

PayValue’s Active Surveillance Genie is a vivid tool for observing the performance of bank servers by thorough and rigorous functions. The facility also enables to maintain proper working of the servers in all conditions.

The customer is apprised of the precise functioning of the servers through instant dissemination of information and any relevant issues pertaining to the servers are communicated immediately. The advance intimation of problems to customers through alerts enables to resolve the issues at the earliest resulting in a really hitch-free technical experience.

Prober – Persistent Risk Obliteration & Repository

PayValue’s ultra-modern engine Prober offers the technology of the highest order in analyzing potential issues and neutralizing them before they assume disastrous proportions. PayValue’s Prober thoroughly scrutinizes every transaction through the payment gateway and is tallied with previous records if they bear any semblance to devious transactions.

Evaluation of the transactions on a broad range of parameters starting from the IP address verification are carried out to provide impregnable level of security and threat fee banking for the customers.

Fizzle out Potential Embezzlements

Deceit Dampener:

The customers have absolute authority over the transactions on their site and can eliminate any swindler from transacting by blocking the card number and other relevant features with the help of earlier data.

Veritable Velocity Checks:

Stringent specifications can be set using the velocity filter and all the banking transactions are channelized through it before they are finally processed by the payment gateway.

Tap our Technology, keep a Tab on Transactions